Affordable, clean energy

Millions of families in Africa lack access to clean energy and are not connected to the grid. GreenChar was founded to provide these families with affordable clean energy solutions.


Over 80% of Kenyan households use charcoal and/or firewood as their primary source of cooking fuel every day.


Smoke from Household Air Pollution due too wood-fuels kill 4.3 million people worldwide every year. Majority are women and children in Africa and developing Asia.


Kenya losses 52,000 hectares of trees every year for biomass. Black carbon from wood-fuels is the second leading cause of global warming in the world.

I have witnessed my monthly income grow from $50 to $160 because of my involvement with GreenChar as a vendor – Nyagideya, GreenChar entrepreneur.

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GreenChar is the best positioned company in Kenya to grow the alternative green charcoal industry. – Kevin Kung, Researcher at MIT.

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